We utilize the BetterBred program to analyze our breeding pairs to make the best decisions we can in our breeding program.

         We test above and beyond
CHIC standards.

I report all my health testing to the public registry of OFA because health transparency is an integral part of the Ghibli Poodles breeding program.

We are a full member of
Better Bred, and member of
Versatility in Poodles, Black Swamp Gun Dog Club, Fort Wayne Obedience Training Club, and former member of
United Poodle Association.

Pictured to the left is Marnie, my first bred-by from the Keepsake litter
with her parents Miya and Sunny.

* * *

Ghibli Poodle has FUN with our dogs!
Tasha has earned 80 titles and counting with the dogs in the Ghibli program!

Here at Ghibli Poodles, our Poodles are first and foremost members of our family.
We are a small in-home breeder of Standard Poodles that produce one to four thoughtfully planned litters a year.
I am a certified dog trainer with over two decades of experience training dogs as hobby, sport, and profession. My goals for my breeding program are improving the health and longevity of the breed and producing well-socialized puppies with excellent temperaments for families to enjoy. We aim to produce outstanding, versatile, and healthy standard poodles to represent the breed we love. We raise our puppies with the knowledge gained from Puppy Culture and Avidog Breeder College programs to ensure well-socialized puppies.

We also enjoy proving our dogs in the conformation and performance ring! Our poodles participate in CGC, Trick Dog, Dog Parkour, Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Barnhunt, Nosework, and Therapy Dog! As of December 2021, Tasha has earned a total of 83 titles in a variety of dog sports with the Poodles in the Ghibli breeding program and a total of 130 over her lifetime with all the dogs she's loved, handled, and owned throughout the years!

* * *


 Miya - Foundation Dam to Keepsakes, Virtues, and Treasures
UROC BIMBS MRBIMBS UGRCH Miyazaki's Secret Element

Co-owned Wall-e - UGRCH ADPCH URO3 NC Shyre's Down to Earth

Seairsha - Foundation Dam to Beaches & Symphony - Lives in Guardian Home
UCH Properts Way To The Seashore CGC TKN ATD VCX

Co-owned Sunny - Sire to the Keepsakes, Miracle, and Beaches -
URO1 UCH Perigueux Follow the Sun NTD SPOT-ON

Dam to Miracle/Moxie - Lives with her Breeder

Retired into Pet Home - UCH Mytyme's First Edition at Ghibli TKN ATD CGC ACTJ1 VHM
Retired into Pet Home - Charm's Black Gem at Ghibli

Sire to Treasures - Retired into Pet Home
UCH Kissme's Moon Cloud to Ghibli

UCH* Foxxy's Sweet Sense (Cocoa)
*Foxxy's UCH earned with first owner

Spirit of Adventure at Ghibli (Ellie)

Upcomer - UCH APAW Dancing in the Moonlight at Ghibli TKI ACT1 ACTJ1 SPOT-ON

Fully Health Tested - Ghibli's Moonlit Memories TKN TKI*
*Marnie's titles earned by my daughter, Maybel

Upcomer - Lives in Guardian Home -
URO1 Ghibli's Move Mountains ACT1 ACTJ1 CGC CGCA CGCU SPOT-ON*
*Moxie's Titles earned with Tessa Tewksbury

Upcomer - Ghibli's Starry Reminisce TKN

Upcomer - Ghibli's True Colors TKN

Upcomer - Ghibli's A Wonderful World TKN

* * *


Ponyo Treasure from the Jar CGC TKN NTD 

Ponyo is our adopted small Poodle. She came home at 3 years old after being retired from another breeding program before my dream of breeding was even a thought.  She enjoyed playing Jr Show dog occasionally with my children for 6 years. Ponyo was retired from the breeding kennel we adopted her from because she didn't like being a mother and we found that to be true in our home, as she did not appreciate (or tolerate) puppies, especially the older she grew. At 9 years old, Ponyo found a wonderful retirement where she doesn't have to put up with puppy nonsense and can enjoy the company of two other older Small standard Poodles. We never had any intention of rehoming Ponyo but it became clear it was what was best for her and we did the very hard thing of letting her go. We continue to receive updates on Ponyo enjoying retirement and know we made the right decision.

Yoshi Carpet BN CGC -   April 21, 2010 - May 4, 2017
Yoshi was a Poodle mix and my husband's first dog. He named him, not me. He thought that Poodles felt like Carpet, and he lays Carpet for a living, so .... I got stuck trialing with a dog with a registered name as Yoshi Carpet. Yoshi unfortunately suffered from a lot of health ailments and earned an early retirement from performance sports, then passed away tragically young from an autoimmune disease.

UCD UACH Mishaki Mae Monochrome CD CGC OAC CL1-H CL1-S NCC NAC TG-N -
May 5, 2002 - May 12, 2017

Misha was my bl/white English Springer Spaniel and the best little performance partner a teenage girl could ever ask for. She took me to multiple UKC Premier invitationals and Ohio State Fairs as a junior.

UACHX Black Pepper Spice CGC TDI CL3-R EAC EJC PD2
Jan 2, 1998 - Feb 27, 2013
Pepper , a black American Cocker Spaniel, was my very first dog, my heart dog, and my very best friend growing up.
Pepper excelled at Agility and also was my Therapy dog for many, many years. She loved visiting nursing homes and showing off her tricks.
Fifteen years was not enough with this dog but she still visits me in my dreams. <3