Our dogs are part of our family and we only retire certain dogs occasionally.
Occasionally, we will have adults available to guardian or co-own homes or retirement homes, if we feel it is what is best for them.

Ellie Mae

Ellie likes all new people and can live with adults or children. Her ideal home would look like a home without cats or small animals. She would do best with a male dog as a companion or she would adjust to being an only dog, too. She is a couch potato and very cuddly. She also loves walks and playing with toys. She is prey driven and we would like to see her go to a home with a fence. She doesn't chew or counter surf in our home. She is housetrained and crate trained. She knows sit, down, and shake.

She is looking for a guardian home now or a retirement home once spayed in 2024.

Co-Own or Guardian Home - What is It?

 Without placing future breeding prospects into guardian or co-own homes, breeders must either keep a larger number of dogs or retire their mamas and papas. We love our dogs dearly as a part of our family. We have had to retire dogs and we are learning that that is not right for our family and much too hard on our hearts. There are certain dogs here that will stay here for their entire lives. However, we want all our dogs to get enough time and attention.

In our future generations, we will be looking for guardian homes and co-own homes to keep our breeding program moving forward since my heart cannot take retiring my beloved foundation dogs. The guardian or co-own home gets the pick of the litter! Your Guardian or Co-own dog lives with you and is your dog forever! If you cannot keep your committment for any reason, th contract fairly addresses that situation and you will never have to give up your dog.We know our puppy buyers love their dogs as one of the family and it means much more to them as part of their family than it means to my breeding program.

The dog is used in my breeding program if it passes all health testing and titling. My guardian dogs that return to Ghibli for a litter, your purchase price is refunded! I believe guardian family's should be fairly compensated for their commitment to helping me achieve my goals. In addition, if you are local to me, your dog can be groomed and boarded here for FREE! for the duration of the contract.