From time to time, I may have puppies or dogs available to guardian, co-own, or retirement homes. Using these options helps us to keep our numbers manageable and insure that our dogs are recieving the care and attention they deserve while being able to continue to pursue our breeding goals.
For more information on the Puppy Application process,
please visit the Policies page and email me at for an application.
Planned Litters announced on Puppies Page.


The benefits of being a guardian home is that the family gets a well-bred, healthy, show quality Standard Poodle puppy or adult. While the dog is in my breeding program, the family also may receive free boarding and grooming by me. Guardian homes within 50 mile radius is preferred.

I will be responsible for all costs of showing, health testing and breeding the dog. For females, I will borrow her back for about 8 weeks to whelp her litter. Most times it will only be one or two litters. Then I will spay her and sign over all registration papers to you. Although I maintain ownership on registration paperwork, I am far more interested in placing dogs into their forever homes than I am keeping dogs in my breeding program and I will never remove a dog from its loving home if the breeding obligations cannot be kept. There will always be a buy-out option in my contracts because I understand that dogs I place are first and foremost important and irreplaceable members of their families.


Interested in being mentored? For homes interested in showing in conformation or performance events with one of our keeper puppies, we can discuss co-own options and details.  The contract with co-owns is flexible to the partnership we want to create. Generally, the co-owner will adopt at least half or most of the showing, health-testing costs and meet certain contractual stipulations. I only work with breeders/co-owners that only breed purebred Poodles and do not have Merle in their program.  A contract that is fair to both owners will be signed.


Not very often, I may have some older/mature, trained, adolescents or adults that I am looking to place into retirement homes. Although it is my heart's desire to always keep all my families pets, in order to continue my goal of producing wonderful family pets for others, I may from time to time retire a dog to make a spot for another upcoming puppy. Reasons for retirement could include not passing all their health testing, not maturing to meet my expectations of quality, or the dog has produced a few litters for me and is ready to be the one and only or one of very small pack of dogs. Retired dogs are carefully and lovingly placed into retirement homes at no cost. Homes must pass the application process and be willing to do pre-adoption meetings and visits. Preference will be given to local homes but being local is not required. Homes that I have developed a personal relationship with will be considered first. It is important to me to stay in touch with my retirement homes for continued updates so that I can continue to lovingly watch my retired dogs even if from afar.


Ghibli In The Summertime, or "Summer"

Available to guardian or co-own home. Born 02/05/2022 from the Seairsha x Sunny Florida Beaches Litter. She was Miramar. She tested as a performance prospect and was motivated by food, play, and retrieve, and easily switched between all three motivators. She is a diverse girl, with an Outlier Index of 0.36.


Kissme's Moon Cloud to Ghibli, "Mello"

Mello, short for Marshmallow, is available to a local guardian home. He is currently out showing and being maintained in a show trim, but once his Championship is complete he can be cut into an easier to maintain trim of the family's choice.  It will be required to keep him intact (not neutered) at least until five years old. We may need to occasionally borrow him for breedings and for families to meet him when he sires a litter for us. He is a fun, confident, and outgoing boy. He is energetic and would prefer an active family. He gets along well with other dogs. Upon request, we can test him with cats. Free boarding and grooming available to his guardian family while he is being used for our breeding program.

Seairsha - PLACED

Seairsha pictured with her guardian parents, Cathy and Richard, on the left. Seairsha came to us at 6 months old and lived with us for about 6 months. We decided Seairsha would prefer a quieter home and placed her with our neighbors just up the road. She still visits often for boarding and grooming and Cathy and I often walk our dogs together.  Cathy and Richard are excellent guardian owners and we are blessed to have welcomed them to the Ghibli Poodle family. Cathy and Richard are co-owning Seairsha's daughter, Juno, with us, as well!

Moxie (Miracle) - PLACED

Moxie, aka Miracle puppy, is owned by my sister and lives with a small pack of dogs and cats. My sister raises Miniature American Shepherds and had no intentions of crossing over to the Poodle side, but she fell in love with our little Miracle while helping to raise her. If Moxie matures to breeding quality she will be leased back to me for my breeding program for a litter or two.