Tentative Breeding Plans include:

Ellie has been bred this Spring for a litter of Small Standards in White/Cream.
Litter Announcment Coming Soon!

Moxie may be bred in late 2023 or Spring of 2024 - Stud TBD - for a litter of Small Standards.

Marnie may produce her first litter in 2024 - most likely average sized Standards in Apricot.

Cocoa may also be bred once more in 2024.


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There are certain dogs that will stay here for their entire lives. However, we want all of our dogs to get enough time and attention. The dogs above are looking for their best home because we feel they would be happier in another home with less dogs. Although we love each dog and have a bond with all of them, we cannot keep them all.

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In addition to having puppies available to pet homes, in our future generations, we will be looking for guardian and co-own homes or placing our keepers into other small breeding programs so that we are able to keep most of our foundation dogs who are very loved members of our family. Please contact me if you are interested in a show prospect or helping the Ghibli program grow!