Cocoa joined us at the beginning of October 2022 from Foxxy Poodles to be my son's next Junior show dog! We are forever thankful to Teija for allowing her Irma Jean to become my Charlie's Cocoa-bean. Cocoa is an average sized standard poodle female with a phenomenal temperament and gorgeous structure! Cocoa has a great forechest and depth of chest, nice length of neck, correct front and correct rear angulation, correct tail set and carriage, strong underjaw, and oval eyes. We are currently bonding with Cocoa, training her, and updating her health testing. She has been bred to have her first litter here at Ghibli in January!

AKC Name: Foxxy Poodle's Irma Jean Sweet Sense
UKC Name: Foxxy Poodle's Sweet Sense

Future Titling Goals: UKC Grand Champion
You may even see this girl in the AKC ring with my son on the lead!

VGL Results: OI - 0.17 / IR 0.06
Haplotypes: 1002/2001 ; 1003/2001

Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Congenital Cardiac: Clear
Eyes: Normal
Embark: Clear

Newly Tested - PRCD4 : Clear
Newly Tested - DB/RD : Clear!

Thyroid: Will do in 2023

CHIC:  159437

The Standard Poodle breed standard reads, "Temperament : Carrying himself proudly, very active, intelligent, the Poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself. Major fault: shyness or sharpness."

Cocoa is a self-confident dog that carries herself so happily and proudly without any shyness or anxiety. Her temperament is exactly what I hope to produce in my pet or performance dogs and we are hopeful that she will contribute that wonderful temperament to my lines in the near future.