AKC Name: Ellie Mae Summer
UKC Name: Spirit of Adventure at Ghibli

Ellie Mae is small mature white female that joined our family in September 2022 from another breeding program. We were meeting her to evaluate her as a Juniors dog for my son. The circumstances in which we picked her up in was heartbreaking, but that will not be her story! She has bounced back and is in great health now.  Ellie holds no grudges or resentment to people for her past and enjoys people. She is a happy, joyful dog with pretty and moderate structure. Ellie Mae's pedigree includes generations of UKC Champions and even some AKC Champions! She is very toy motivated and food motivated. She is intelligent, eager to please, and people focused. She has high prey drive and moderate to low energy - our resident coach potato.  Ellie Mae has passed her health testing!

OI: 0.20
IR: 0.20

1001/2001; 1001/2001

22 inches / 40 lbs

Dentition: Full
Patella: Normal
Eyes: Normal
Heart: Normal
Hips: GOOD

Prcd4: Clear!
DB/RD: Clear!
Thyroid: Will test in 2023

The Standard Poodle breed standard reads, "Temperament : Carrying himself proudly, very active, intelligent, the Poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself. Major fault: shyness or sharpness.

Ellie matches that perfectly! She is a joyous, self-confident dog that carries herself so happily and proudly. She shows no shyness or anxiety. Her temperament is exactly what I hope to produce in my pet or performance dogs and we are hopeful that she will contribute that wonderful temperament to my lines in the near future.