UCH APAW Dancing in the Moonlight at Ghibli CGC TKI ACT1 ACTJ1 SPOT-ON

2023 Title Goals: ACT2, ACTJ2, CGCA/CGCU, URO1/RN, BN, ADP1,2 &3

Dam: UCH APAW Cashmere Comfort ATD SPOT-ON
Sire: UCH Debonair's Thunderstruck at Doevalley TKN URO1 SPOT-ON

Bred by APAW, Owned by Ghibli

Marble is a drivey, intelligent boy that is excelling in his agility training. He has a lot of people focus and easily motivated with an excellent work ethic. He lives to retrieve balls and play tug.  We couldn't be more pleased with this boy. He will finish his health testing March 2023.

Call Name: Marble

OI: 0.32
IR: -0.02

Birthday: 3/16/21

prcd4, DB/RD: CLEAR
Osteochondrodysplasia, & GM2 Gangiosidosis : CLEAR!

BB Ee KB ky aa SS

Pedigree: http://www.poodledata.org/pedigree.asp?ID=568003
OFA Link: https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2282110

Marble's ACT 1 Video

Marble is my hopeful agility performance partner. He is still young and in training but shows a lot of potential.

Marble recently graduated two Tricks classes earning his AKC Novice and Intermediate Tricks titles. For his graduation photos he chose his "Bow" and "Peekaboo" tricks!

Marble earns his Canine Good Citizen!

Handled by my sister, Tessa Tewksbury

1 year old

15 months

18 months

Marble graduated from Intermediate Agility Class

Marble Graduated from Beginner Agility Class

Marble Graduated from STAR Puppy class.

Many thanks to Jillian for entrusting us with Marble.

Marble 8 weeks old on his way home.

Marble out socializing.