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Moxie's Miracle Story

Moxie's first name was Miracle. She is our very special Oops! puppy. She was born just two weeks after we welcomed our very first litter. We were unaware that her dam, Wishes, had been accidentally bred until a few days before Miracle was born. Talk about a whirlwind! Because she surprised us, we had to DNA test all our boys to find out who the father was. It was determined that Sunny was the boy that bred her dam through the fence. Although accidental and unintentional, both Wishes and Sunny were fully health tested and of breeding age.

Miracle's dam unfortunately had a very difficult labor. Although Miracle was born alive, three other puppies didn't make it despite our best efforts to rush her dam to the emergency vet. Unfortunately due to staff shortages because of Covid, there was not an available surgeon to do a cesarean in a timely manner to save the puppies. We were sent home with our one surviving puppy, that we naturally began calling, Miracle.

It was touch and go at first with Miracle and we weren't sure she would live, but she has been a fighter since Day 1! Wishes wasn't up to the task of being a mother to her. After several very long weeks bottle-feeding and tube feeding, she finally seemed to be healthy and strong. Because I had my other Keepsake Litter at the time, she occasionally joined them, but due to her age difference and very small size, she was still very much singleton raised and did develop some "singleton" behaviors. Singletons and bottle-fed babies can sometimes develop behavioral problems as a result of not learning important things from their litter and dams, such as dog aggression, low frustration tolerance, a lack of bite inhibition, etc. We decided not to sell her and keep her back to continue training her and watching her mature. Specifically, from needing to tube feed her to save her life, Miracle had developed a sensitivity and aggression to handling, especially around her face. She was also aggressive toward the other puppies due to low frustration tolerance. We felt that we could not ethically sell a puppy with these behavioral concerns and that it was in Miracle's best interest to stay with us to receive the training and behavior modification she needed. I have specific expertise from my decades of experience training dogs and had faith, in the right hands, she would overcome her early challenges.

The whole family participated in helping to raise Miracle. In the early days, it was like having a newborn again - up every two hours! My husband and children helped with the bottle and tube feeding. Even my other dogs put their paws into the mix and helped me teach her! Miya served as her nanny at times and adopted her into her litter when Miracle was big enough and Sunny was always so gentle with her as she learned how to play and communicate with other dogs appropriately. My children and nephew took her to socialization, obedience, and agility classes. My sister was a tremendous help in the behavior modification we did to teach Miracle to accept handling and grooming. My daughter showed her in Novice puppy a few times. The longer Miracle stayed with our family, the more attached we grew.

Because we kept a puppy from the Keepsake Litter, we were seeing symptoms of littermate syndrome between the two half-sisters, Marnie and Miracle, despite our best attempts to prevent it. That is when my sister stepped in to help again. She took Miracle home to live with her, now named Moxie. She took her to many training classes and it was hugely beneficial to her development to be apart from her half-sister. Recently, my sister has been working longer hours and with the loss of Moxie's dam, Wishes, Moxie moved back home to my house where she effortlessly blended right back into our pack of dogs.

We are pleased to say that Moxie has overcome every one of her early Challenges by leaps and bounds. She gets along great with other dogs now and accepts all grooming and handling, even from strangers. She is a sensitive and sweet girl that adores cuddling with her family. I couldn't be happier with how she has matured. Needless to say, she has become a very special puppy to my entire family and she has earned a permanent spot with our family regardless if she turns out to be breeding quality or not.

Moxie will finish health testing in May 2023. If she passes health testing, we have some exciting plans for her in the future!

While living with my sister, Miracle earned her CGC, CGCA and CGCU!

Moxie earned her first competition win at the Friday April 22nd 2022 Black Swamp Gun Dog Club show. She also earned her SPOT-ON and URO1 titles that weekend! So proud of our little miracle puppy! Groomed and handled by her co-owner, Tessa Tewksbury. Pictured with her sire, Sunny. We are so proud!

For several weeks, Miracle went every where I went for round the clock tube feeding care!
This puppy is a very loved puppy!
Who got to train Miracle was always a source
of cousin rivalry between these two!
This puppy is a VERY loved puppy!
First trip to the lake!
Target training at agility introduction class.
Enjoying a soccer game with the family!
We don't usually let puppies sleep in beds (allergies), but for this puppy, we made an exception. ;)
Socialization trip to Lowe's. 
First Dog Show
Second Dog Show - In Novice Puppy ring with my daughter.
Third Dog Show - more Novice Puppy practice
She also won Runner Up in a Halloween Contest. We chose the theme, "Happy Little Accident" ;)  My husband as Bob Ross, Me as the Canvas, while Miracle does her best rendition of a "Happy Little Cloud".
Miracle loves going to Agility classes!
Miracle earned her AKC STAR Puppy Medallion!