Ghibli's 4th Breeding
Miya x Mello
Average sized Standards in Black, Apricot, Cream, or White. Category 10 Breeding.
Email for application.

Ghibli's 3rd Breeding
Seairsha x Sunny's BEACHES Litter
5 girls, 6 boys in Black, Apricot, and Cream
More pictures on the FL Beaches litter page!

Ghibli's 2nd Breeding - Miya x Sky
Born 11/29/2021 - 3 boys and 2 girls in either black or blue.
Check out their page.
They are The Virtues!

Ghibli's Very First Breeding
MIYA AND SUNNY - Proud Parents of 9!
Born 4/29/21 and have all gone to their wonderful new homes!
Check out their Keepsake Litter page for pictures.