Miya x Sky

Miya was bred to a very diverse boy, Sky, to hopefully create really great performance prospects. We got 3 boys and 2 girls in either black or blue.  Miya was an active therapy dog pre-covid and is accomplished in many performance sports. Sky's sire and dam are active performance dogs as well. Miya holds 24 titles and has been ranked in the Top Ten in 2018 and 2019. Sky is a Reserve Best in Show winner with a wonderful sweet & happy to please temperament.  I have no doubt that these puppies will mature to be brilliant and beautiful.

Very well socialized to supervised children.

Started on housetraining early in the whelping box. Early tactile experiences with new toys and surfaces to walk on.

Transitioning to weaning pen with alfalfa pellets that smell similar to grass to give them the best start to housetraining.

Daily play times

Daily cuddle times

Early Crate introduction and training

Grooming Started Early

First Bath

First blow dry

First face shaves

Slow and Positive
Grooming Introduction

Professional Groomer Visits

Early Car Ride Introduction

Raised in the living room of my home, exposed daily to normal life activity and sounds, vacuums, children play, other dogs, new people, etc.

Crate Training and Separation Anxiety Prevention Started