Wishes came to us at nearly a year old from another breeding program because she needed special training. Wishes was anxious and fearful of strangers touching her. I used my previous two decades experience and knowledge training fearful dogs to put in a great deal amount of work into helping Wishes. After five months of counter-conditioning and desensitization, she had made great strides in accepting a Judge's exam and she earned her UKC Championship.

Wishes was a part of our family for nearly 3 years.  Wishes is a lovely, sweet girl that we enjoyed and loved greatly. She had earned the nickname "poodle blanket" at our house because she loved to lay on her people. My son gave her the name Wishes and they had formed a very strong bond. She was his Junior Showmanship dog and they were quite the team! In 2021, she earned three All Dogs Parkour titles and her Novice Trick Dog title with Do More With Your Dog, her her AKC Agility Course Test Jumpers 1 (ACTJ1), and her AKC Novice Tricks titles! We earned a total of 7 titles with Wishes! We had also done all but Embark of Wishes health testing, above and beyond CHIC standards.

Wishes was being trained and working toward her Beginners Obedience and agility titles when we experienced an accidental pregnancy with Wishes; it was discovered that our boy, Sunny, bred her through a fence. Both dogs were fully health tested and together they produced our Miracle puppy, Moxie. As a result of the accidental pregnancy, we were sued by the co-owner; all our attempts at a fair settlement failed.  We fought as hard as we could for a year in the court system to keep our beloved pet, but ultimately the lawsuit was financially draining and harming our family and we chose to settle the lawsuit which meant we must return Wishes to her first owner. As you can imagine, our family is devastated and miss Wishes deeply. We are thankful everyday that we have a piece of Wishes still with us as we were able to keep our special oopsie puppy, Moxie.

Wishes at Key to the Sea Poodle Specialty April 2022.

Here at Ghibli we are so proud of Wishes and just how far she came in her training while here at Ghibli.

Birthdate: 10/16/18

OI: 0.19

IR: 0.12

Haplotypes: 1001/2001; 1001/2001

22 inches, 40 lbs

Color Tested: Bb Ee KBKB a^t/a SS

Thyroid: Normal

Cardiac: Normal -

Eyes: Normal -

Patella: Normal -

DM, vWD, PRA, prcd4, DB/RD: Clear

NEwS: Carrier

PennHip: LDI=0.42; RDI=0.44

Wishes at our local Key to the Sea Poodle Club specialty show! 

Much thanks to Makani Hounds Photography for these beautiful photos.

My son showing Wishes in early 2020.