Our dogs are part of our family and we only retire and rehome certain dogs occasionally.

Occasionally, we will have adults available to guardian or co-own homes or retirement homes, if we feel it is what is best for them.

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Memrie is a 30 lb poodle that is such a wonderful companion! She likes all new people,gives the most gentle and sweetest hugs. She can live with adults or children of any age, but may knock down small child when she is excited. She loves meeting new dogs and gets along well with male or female dogs, but may play too rough with dogs smaller than her.  She can live with cats. Memrie is energetic and loves to play.   She is housetrained and crate trained. She knows many tricks and always eager to learn more! She is a fantastic dog that I adore. The reason for rehoming upon retirement is that we feel she would be happiest in a home with less dogs and more one on one attention.

We anticipate she will be available to her retirement home in late 2024 or early 2025.

Marble -
Looking for Guardian or
Co-own Performance Home

Marble is a small Poodle with a lot of personality! He likes adults and children! His ideal home would look like a home with a female dog his size or bigger for a companion. He should not live with cats. I believe he would adjust to being an only dog, too. Marble is a dog with an awesome work ethic and is very intelligent. He wants a job and is eager to please! However, he also has an excellent off switch and also likes to cuddle on the couch. He lives for fetch and tug. He is crate trained.  Marble has an excellent foundation for agility; I would LOVE for him to find a home that will continue that journey with him but I will consider all active homes.
The reason for rehoming is because he doesn't want to live with another intact male. His breeder and I are looking for a guardian home or co-own performance home local to either of us in NW Ohio or Massachusetts.