THE DNA RESULTS ARE IN ...... Sunny, You ARE The Father!

Proud to Announce Seairsha's 2nd Litter. We opted to do a Dual Sire litter with Aglow's Feeling Hot Hot Hot (Patrick) and our own boy Perigueux Follow the Sun (Sunny). This was a purposeful breeding with permission from all owners involved.
Each puppy was DNA tested to determine parentage.
BORN 2/5/2022!
6 boys; 5 girls - 1 apricot, 5 cream, 5 black
We are expecting puppies to mature around 23 inches / 45 lbs with wonderful pet and therapy like temperaments. Seairsha passed her Therapy Dog International test and Patrick passed his therapy dog test too, right before Covid. Sunny is my young daughter's Junior Conformation dog and also has a wonderful therapy temperament. Seairsha has earned a few performance titles and I believe there may end up being one or two Performance prospects in this litter, as well.

Seairsha is a Category 10 breeding to both potential sires.
The three in this love triangle are also all Genetic Outliers and we expect to get some really nice diversity from either pairing!

Due to the timing of this pregnancy and surprise of such a large litter of 10 puppies (seen on xray), we have had to cancel our Florida vacation plans for this Spring. If we can't go to Florida we have decided to bring it to us: the theme for this litter will be Florida Beaches!

Watch this page for more updated on the Florida Beaches litter.


Teddy (Navarre)

Dear Tasha,
Teddy is an absolute delight, and I thank Seairsha and Sunny for producing such a special little guy! Teddy is 38 pounds of love and fun.  You were so right when you described him as a thoughtful puppy.  He loves to observe his environment wherever he goes.  When we are in the front yard, he watches “his” neighborhood with great interest, often sitting on the spot to intently watch whatever activity he sees.
He is particularly sensitive and in tune with others.  I think he would be an excellent therapy dog.  He surely is a therapy dog to me!! Well, I’ll close by saying that I couldn’t possibly put into adequate words his much I love him and am grateful to you for giving him such a wonderful start to life and for always being there for us.
Susan…Teddy too!

Winnie, previously Amelia

Jessica says, "Winnie is such a delightful girl. Every morning when she gets up she runs to the couch for her morning snuggles and she refuses to go out and go potty until she's sufficiently loved on. Such a snugglebug. She loves to learn and her trainers all have commented that they want to keep her, haha! Her report cards often comment on her boisterous, happy energy and her whip smart intellect. We love our Winnie girl! We are working toward her CGC title, and ultimately hope to have her doing therapy work."

Ari (short for Aristotle)
previously Caspersen

Ari is enjoying life on the East coast with this family.
He is in training to be a service dog.

Imogene, formerly Siesta

Siesta lives a wonderful live in Florida with her family!