Keepsake Litter born 4-29-21
     Sold on Limited Registration

Miya's first litter's Theme will be "Keepsakes" in memory of my best friend.
For name inspiration, I asked my friends what their keepsakes were that they hold dear to remember their lost loved ones. 

Blue will be Letter
Pink will be Pearl (necklace)
Red will be Relic
Purple will be Petal (as in rose petal usually infused in rosary beads)
Green will be Medal (of Honor)
White will be Model (train or boat or car)
Yellow will be Diamond (ring)
Orange will be Coin (collection)
Lilac will be Locket

Email for an Application.


Delta, formerly Model

The Perry Family had to say, "We couldn’t be enjoying Delta any more. She is smart funny and energetic but ready to snuggle in the evening. She loves people and other dogs and is doing well in her Star puppy class. Her groomer says she’s a dream. Thank you so much for giving her wonderful breeding and a socialization foundation."

Delta has now earned her Community Canine Good Citizen title and will be trying Rally next!

Ymber, formerly Locket/Lilac

Her new mom, Sam, says, "She’s doing great! We love her. She’s confident, silly, wild and sweet. She loves everyone and everything she’s met and has grown up to be such a cuddler! I work from home and she likes “coming to work” with me in my office. Her favorite toy is her tug toy. Her favorite game is fetching a bumper toy at the end of a series of obstacles, which she’s loved since she got here. Our trainer thinks she’d really love dock diving or flyball, and we start an intro course soon. She’s very energetic, but we go for a hike almost every day, which she really enjoys."

Mordie, Formerly Medal/Green

Rhiannon had this to say about Medal/Green collar now named Mordie, "Mordenkanine aka Mordie loves his collection of sticks, being the fastest dog at the dog park (unless there’s a faster one there and then he doesn’t want to play with them and terrorizing the cat. A great addition to our family, and is quick to acclimate to new things."

Drexel, formerly Relic/Red

Drexel's full name is:  HnrBaCH UCH Ghibli's Thoughtful Breeze

Jenni has been having lots of fun with Drexel in the UKC and IABCA conformation rings. I do encourage my families to have fun showing their dogs! UKC also allows spayed and neutered dogs to compete in their own class, Altered Conformation. Playing show dog is just his side gig though. Drexel is training to become a service dog!

"Drexel enjoyed his first session in vest today. He is training to become a medical alert mapping service dog, and was selected for this position using carefully developed criteria.
Scent and memory are the top two priority characteristics. Beyond selection, a well-laid training plan, and early neurological stimulation are critical to developing a suitable prospect for this work."