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VGL Results
OI:  0.23
IR: 0.00
Haplotypes: 1004/2002 ; 1014/2013

Pedigree: https://poodle.pedigreedatabaseonline.com/en/Ghibli-s-Nightfall-Nostalgia/pedigree/119490/i

DNA Clear for DM, NEwS, Vwd, prcd4, and Day Blindness

PRA Carrier

Kiki is our keeper from the Wishing Girls (Moxie x Remmy)

URO1 Ghibli's Move Mountains ACT1 ACT1J CGCA CGCU TKN SPOTON      X        Crystal Creek's Remedy for Love CA DCAT DN CGC TKN

Kiki has a desireable low IR, which stands for Internal Relatedness. This score tells us that she is more outbred than inbred (her parents were Category 10 unrelated).  She also has nice haplotypes that are not associated with higher risk of autoimmune disease!

8 week Stack