Ghibli Poodles does only one breeding at a time.
We feel it is important to give each litter and all the puppies in it as much time, attention, socialization and training as we possibly can. Implementing Puppy Culture protocols is a time consuming practice and I want each puppy, each litter to get my absolute best. In addition, this ensures each mama is getting the utmost care, my 24/7 support and undivided attention.
I strive for excellence with every litter I produce.


URO1 UCA RACEA UCH Crystal Creek's Remedy for Love CA DN BCAT CGC TKN
URO1 Ghibli's Move Mountains CGCA CGCU ACT1 ACT1J SPOT-ON

Expecting puppies between
30-50 lbs / 21-24 inches
in black or brown.
Looking for Guardian Home For Our Keeper.

URO1 UGRCH Perigueux Follow the Sun
x Spirit of Adventure at Ghibli TKN VHM
Category 10 Match on BetterBred
7 puppies born 5/20/23 - 5 girls, 2 boys
Ghibli's Valley of the Wind is co-owned with Fern and Ghibli's Land Before Time is co-owned with Katelyn.

UGRCH Crystal Creek's Pursuit of Happyness CGCA TKI
UCH Foxxy's Sweet Sense (at Ghibli)
Category 10 Match on BetterBred
Average Size Standards
8 puppies in Black and Brown born 1/21/2023

Pick Male joined Crystal Creek Standard Poodles! Crystal Creek's Veliciraptor Enthusiast

Seairsha x Gideon - Seairsha's Retirement Litter
Average size Standards
9 puppies born September 10, 2022 in Red, Apricot and Black.

The Keeper, Blue, Ghibli's Helplessness Blues is co-owned with Claire and is a new UKC Champion!

Miya x Mello - Miya's 3rd and Final Litter

Category 10 Breeding. Average size Standards.
Two girls born June 22, 2022 in Apricot and Cream.

The Keeper, Jewel, is at Element Poodles & is now known as Gaia.

Seairsha's First Breeding at Ghibli
Seairsha x Sunny
Category 10 Breeding
Puppies born February 5th 2022.
5 girls, 6 boys in Black, Apricot, and Cream

Miya x Sky
Category 10 BetterBred Breeding with an Extreme Genetic Outlier
Born 11/29/2021 - 3 boys and 2 girls in either black or blue.

We kept Wisdom and named her Memrie.

Ghibli's "Oops" Singleton Puppy

Accidental breedings are something that is entirely possible in any breeding program where males and females live together. They do not define a breeder. What defines a breeder is how they deal with the accident. I have always been honest and transparent about the accident. We changed our stud management practices and we have not had another accident since.

We discovered just two weeks after my very first litter was born when I had taken Wishes into the vet for what I feared was pyometra symptoms (a life threatening infection of the uterus left untreated), that she was pregnant instead. The symptoms that I thought were pyometra were actually sadly complications because one of her puppies had passed away early in utero. We named the only surviving puppy Miracle. We performed DNA tests on all our studs and it was determined that Sunny sired her through the kennel. Although accidental, both the dam and the sire were fully health tested and Category 10 unrelated. Although we had other studs picked out for Wishes, it wasn't a bad pairing and together they produced a structurally nice and diverse puppy. We decided to keep her back to become part of our breeding program and gave her the special name of Ghibli's Move Mountains.

Our First Breeding - THE KEEPSAKES
Category 10 BetterBred Breeding.
Proud Parents of 9 born 4/29/2021 !

We kept Pink/Pearl and named her Marnie.