URO1 UCH APAW Dancing in the Moonlight at Ghibli

2024 Title Goals: RI & RA, BN, ADP1,2 &3, Scentwork titles

Dam: UCH APAW Cashmere Comfort ATD SPOT-ON
Sire: URO1 UCH Debonair's Thunderstruck at Doevalley TKN SPOT-ON

Bred by APAW, Owned by Ghibli

Marble is a drivey, intelligent boy that is excelling in his agility training. He has a lot of people focus and easily motivated with an excellent work ethic. He lives to retrieve balls and play tug.  We couldn't be more pleased with this boy.

Fully Health Tested! Available to approved females.

What do these numbers mean?
On average, Poodles test at 0.25 for Outlier Index (OI) which measures how common or diverse their genetics are compared to the rest of the gene pool. Diversity breeders aim to increase OI. Marble tests higher than breed average.
Internal relatedness (IR) measures how in-bred or out-bred a dog is. The average IR for the breed is 0.02 and diversity breeders aim to decrease the IR or go below that average.  Marble has a negative IR which means he is out-bred.
Haplotypes are a gene associated with the dog's immune system. Certain haplotypes are associated with a slight increase risk of SA and/or Addisons and other haplotypes are rarer and considered protective. The 1010/2010 haplotype is only carried by 1.32% / 1.32% of the poodle population! Marble does have the 1003/2001 haplotype but it is only small piece of the puzzle. OI and IR have an even bigger influence on disease risk than haplotype and Marble has desireable OI and IR. We will aim to eliminate the risky haplotype in the next generation.

Studies have shown that by increasing OI and decreasing IR and being mindful how we breed dogs with risky haplotypes, we can breed healthier poodles with less incidence of autoimmune disease like Sebacious Adenitis (SA) or Addison's disease.

Birthday: 3/16/21

DM: Clear
VWD: Clear
NeWS: Clear
prcd4: Clear
Osteochondrodysplasia:  Clear
GM2 Gangiosidosis : Clear
CDDY: Clear

OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Elbows
Full Dentition
Normal Patella
Normal Thyroid
Advanced Cardiac

BB Ee KB ky aa SS

Marble recently graduated two Tricks classes earning his AKC Novice and Intermediate Tricks titles. For his graduation photos he chose his "Bow" and "Peekaboo" tricks!

1 year old

15 months

18 months

Marble graduated from Intermediate Agility Class

Marble Graduated from Beginner Agility Class

Marble Graduated from STAR Puppy class.

Many thanks to Jillian for entrusting us with Marble.

Marble 8 weeks old on his way home.

Marble out socializing.