UCH Ghibli's Moonlit Memories RN CGCA TKA
(Miya x Sunny)

2024 Titling Goals: URO1, CGCU, SPOT, FDC, ACT1, ACT1J, ADPL1, 2 &3

Marnie is my 9 year old daughter's dog and she has been the one primarily training Marnie. Together, they have graduated Puppy Preschool, STAR Puppy, several agility classes, two obedience classes, and two Tricks classes and attended many 4-H classes together last year.
These two are a great team with a bright future ahead.

Marnie will be bred this fall! Planned Litter Announcement Coming!

Birthdate: 4/29/21 

BB ee KB KB S/sp

DM: Clear by parentage
VWD:Clear by parentage
NeWS: Clear by parentage
prcd4 Clear by Parentage

PRA Clear by Pawprint
DB/RD Clear by Wisdom

OFA Good Elbows & Hips
Pennhip: RDI 0.34 / LDI 0.28

OI: 0.28
IR: -0.14

What do these numbers mean? 
On average, Poodles test at 0.25 for Outlier Index (OI) which measures how common or diverse their genetics are compared to the rest of the gene pool. Diversity breeders aim to increase OI. Marnie tests higher than breed average.
Internal relatedness (IR) measures how in-bred or out-bred a dog is. The average IR for the breed is 0.02 and diversity breeders aim to decrease the IR or go below that average. Marnie has an incredibly low IR which means she is very out-bred.
Haplotypes are a gene associated with the dog's immune system. Certain haplotypes are associated with a slight increase risk of SA and/or Addisons and other haplotypes are rarer and considered protective. Marnie does not carry those risky haplotypes and one of her haplotypes is rare/protective. The 1014/2013 haplotype is only carried by 1.27% / 1.23% of the poodle population!
Studies have shown that by increasing OI and decreasing IR and being mindful how we breed dogs with risky haplotypes, we can breed healthier poodles with less incidence of autoimmune disease like Sebacious Adenitis (SA) or Addison's disease.

This duo recently graduated two dog training classes and earned their AKC Novice and Intermediate Tricks titles!
For their graduation picture, they chose the "Under Handler" trick!

Maybel has done the majority of the training with Marnie! They are such an awesome team!

8 months

4 months

2 months

Marnie pictured with her sire, Sunny, and dam Miya.

Marnie, 16 weeks old

She has been trained almost entirely by my 8 year old daughter. They make a fantastic team!

First Puppy Show

Puppy Preschool with my daughter as handler