Sonny x Memrie

Puppies will be ready to go home June 8th.
8 puppies born 3/30/2024  in red, apricot, black, and blue.
APET Temperament test will be done at 8 weeks old.

Looking for Co-Own Show Homes Or Guardian Home for our Keeper(s).

We are anticipating performance prospects and wonderful family companions and possible service dog candidate or therapy dog candidates.

Memrie is our spirited little girl! She stands 21 inches tall and 30 lbs. She is lighthearted, brave, inquisitive, and comical! She is intelligent and eager to please with a very stable temperament. There isn't much that shakes her confidence. She is incredibly sweet and loves to cuddle and give hugs. She adores attention, loves meeting new people, and likes it best when the spotlight is on her. She walks like into new environments like she owns the place.

Sonny, as you can see is a VERY accomplished and handsome boy with wonderful structure and temperament. He has excellent drive and an offswitch. There is so much I could say about this boy, but I'll let his pictures and videos do the talking for me! Please visit his Facebook Fan Page here:





Category 8 Breeding on BetterBred.

Show Prospect was Identified as Pink Collar Paint. We are looking for a show and/or performance home for her. Please email me for an application or for a sample show contract.


1. Male Blue Collar / Charcoal - 5:00 pm - 7.8 oz
2. Female Pink Collar / Paint - 5:05 pm - 12.4 oz
3. Female Yellow Collar / Pencil - 5:10 pm - 6.6 oz
4. Female Lavender Collar / Crayon - 5:20 pm - 7.2 oz
5. Female Purple Collar / Ink - 5:30pm - 9.2 oz
6. Male Green Collar / Photo - 5:50 pm - 9.0 oz
7. Male Red Collar / Clay - 6:00 pm - 10.4 oz
8. Female Orange Collar / Glass - 7:02 pm - 8.8 oz

5 girls and 3 boys were born 3/30/24.

We are still taking applications for boys.

Clay is the largest, Charcoal is the smallest. Photo has white back toes and a white milk chin.

Red Collar, Clay - Dark Apricot

Green Collar, Photo - Black

Blue Collar, Charcoal - Blue

2 weeks old

Blue/ Charcoal - Male
Pink/ Paint - Female
Yellow / Pencil - Female
Lavender / Crayon - Female
Purple / Ink - Female
Red / Clay - Male
Green / Photo - Male
Orange / Glass - Female