Total Cost:  $2,500
Deposit: $500
(Deposit is non-refundable/transferable to future litters. I accept deposits once puppies are born. Deposit not required. Payment in full at time of pick up by cash or cashiers check preferred.)

What is included:
  • Prepaid AKC Limited Registration
  • Prepaid microchip
  • Vaccinated and dewormed puppy
  • Goodie bag of food, blanket, toys, chews, and other supplies
  • Fair Contract & lifetime breeder support 
  • Training Tips and Support from a professional dog trainer
  • A healthy, socialized and started puppy!

Health Guarantee
We offer a 2 year Health Guarantee. We guarantee your puppy will be free of these genetic diseases because we test every dog in our program for these!
  • DM
  • NEwS
  • VWD
  • PRA
  • Prcd4
  • DB/RD
All our dogs in our breeding program get the OFA Heart, Hips, Eyes, Thyroid, and Patella evaluations done as well.

Please contact me for a copy of my contract if you would like to review it before applying.
What To Expect From Us

Buyers can make deposits once the litter has been confirmed by my veterinarian and no later than 2 weeks after their birthdate. 

Puppies will be raised with great care and concern for their future.

I will post pictures and videos on my facebook page at least weekly, if not daily, of the litter's progress.

Puppies' temperaments and structure will be evaluated between 8 and 9 weeks. This is when puppy placements and selections are made. We cannot guarantee color or gender but do our best to match buyers with their preferences. Ultimately, we place based on test results of the APET Temperament test.

Puppies remain with their litter for a minimum of 9 weeks.

Puppies depart usually between 10 and 12 weeks old.

I do not ship puppies at this time. Buyers are expected to travel to our home. Schedule allowing, arrangements can be made to deliver or meet buyers at another location for an additional fee.
Puppy Rearing

Home Raised.
Our puppies are raised indoors; they are handled and socialized since birth. We perform Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction.

Quality Rearing. We strive to offer the best puppy rearing we can. We raise puppies with the Puppy Culture program and taken AviDog courses, paired with my two decades of experience as a professional dog trainer, your puppy is getting the best start!

Lifetime Commitment & Support.
We will take back any of the puppies we produce at any time for any reason. We desire to stay in touch with our puppy families, offering lifetime support.

Matching Process. We make every effort to match families with the best puppy for them. We match the puppy's temperament to the buyer's lifestyle and expectations.

What We Expect From Our Buyers

Here at Ghibli we do have certain expectations of our buyers. All buyers have to sign a contract. In that contract some of our expectations include:

  • Owners will take their puppy to training classes.
  • Owners will feed a healthy diet.
  • Owners will provide adequate veterinary care.
  • Strongly recommend our buyers to follow a Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccine schedule.
  • Owners will remain in contact with us and become part of the Ghibli Poodle family.
  • Owners will report any behavioral or medical concerns promptly so we continue to make the best breeding decisions possible with the dogs in our program and support you as needed.


1.Email to Request an Application

Introduce yourself by emailing me at or messaging my business facebook page, Ghibli Poodles, and ask for an application. Return it to start a dialogue. Please, for ease of finding your email and application in my email, include in the subject line "Ghibli Puppy" or "Interested in Puppy" or "Ghibli Puppy Application". Once you have your application submitted, I hold onto applications until the litter you are interested in is born.

2. Make a Deposit

Once your application is approved and the litter is born, you may make a deposit and sign a deposit contract. Please understand that Deposits are a commitment to my breeding program and not refundable. Deposits are transferable to next available litter if you decide to wait on a puppy out of another litter. Deposits are NOT required. You have the option to pay in full at pick up or wait until after temperament evaluated and picks are made to make a deposit.

3. Prepare and Wait

Enjoy watching the litter grow while you prepare for your puppy. I try to post videos, pictures, and updates frequently as the litter grows. This is the time to read and research all about bringing a puppy home, positive reinforcement training, and preparing your house by making sure there are no toxic plants in or around your home, puppy proofing the house, buying a crate and supplies, finding a veterinarian, groomer, and trainer to work with, etc. In your puppy's go home bag, I provide a collar, some grooming supplies, The Puppy Primer book, a boy, a blankie, and a go home chew for the car ride.

4. Pick your puppy!

APET Temperament Testing will be done at 8 weeks of age.  Structural evaluations will be done around 8 weeks old. Once both evaluations are complete, I will choose my keeper show puppy. Once I know which puppies are available I will start contacting Deposit holders by date of application to share information on the temperament testing and which puppy(ies) I feel would best fit your family's lifestyle. Each deposit holder will get 24 hours to make a choice before moving on to the next deposit holder.

5. Picking up your puppy.

I prefer puppies picked up at my home. In some circumstances, I may be able to meet up or deliver. This is considered case by case. At this time, I will not ship a puppy. At pick up, you will sign my contract (available for review upon request), we will answer any questions you have, and you can meet the dam (and in some cases the sire) to your puppy, too. Please plan to travel with your puppy in a crate, especially if its a long car ride. Your puppy will have been socialized to at least a few short car rides, but I cannot guarantee your puppy will not get car sick so bring some clean up supplies. Please bring a leash and plan ahead for puppy safe stops for your puppy to eliminate. Please do not take your puppy to any dog parks or areas frequented by other dogs on your car ride home.

6. Enjoy your Puppy!

Hopefully you have already prepared your home so that there is nothing left to do but have a quiet, bonding weekend with your puppy. Be mindful not to overwhelm your new puppy with too much activity or visitors its first few days home. You can begin training your puppy at home immediately.  Prior to bed time its first night home, make your puppy familiar and aware of his sleeping area. Sprinkle treats in the kennel and leave the door open for your puppy to explore. You may want to consider putting puppy in a crate near where you sleep. Other things  to help your puppy adjust is covering the crate, playing soft music or white noise, and providing something to chew on. Be sure to exercise and potty puppy before placing it in the crate for the night. Expect to wake for potty breaks in the night for a little while.  Contact me for any support or with any questions you have. Please have your puppy seen by the vet soon after its arrival home and if you haven't already, sign up for a training class. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the quality rearing here at my home can only take a puppy so far - it is your job to finish what I started!