Currently we have 4 out of the 6 girls from the Wishing Litter unspoken for.
Please email me for an application.
We are looking for a guardian home for our pick of the litter.

Co-Own or Guardian Home - What is It?

 Without placing future breeding prospects into guardian or co-own homes, breeders must either keep a larger number of dogs or retire their mamas and papas. We love our dogs dearly as a part of our family. We have had to retire dogs and we are learning that that is not right for our family and much too hard on our hearts. In our future generations, we will be looking for guardian homes and co-own homes to keep our breeding program growing and moving forward or to place show quality puppies in other approved breeding programs so the bloodlines can continue. 

The guardian dog is used in my breeding program if it passes all health testing and titling. My guardian dogs that return to Ghibli for a litter, your purchase price is refunded! I believe guardian family's should be fairly compensated for their commitment to helping me achieve my goals. In addition, if you are local to me, your dog can be groomed and boarded here for FREE! for the duration of the contract. Your Guardian or Co-own dog lives with you and is your dog forever! We know our puppy buyers love their dogs as one of the family and it means much more to them as part of their family than it means to my breeding program. Ghibli Poodles has a very fair and thoughtful contract. Please email me to discuss or receive a sample contract.


Ghibli Poodles only breeds when we have a wait list.
Please let me know if you are interested in puppies from Cocoa, Moxie, Marnie or Memrie.
More information about each female and possible litters below.


Moxie is the sweetest, most gentle little girl and we cannot wait to produce more phenomenal pets just like her. We will be looking to place Moxie's pick of the litter into a local guardian home within 25 miles of Archbold, Ohio. If you are able to assist with transportation to and from my home for maintenance grooms, dog shows, veterinary appointments/health testing, etc, I will consider homes within a 50 mile radius. These puppies will be undocked.* These puppies will be small Standards, less than 40 lbs. Her first litter will produce blacks and browns. If she is bred a second time, a future litter may produce light colors.


We will be looking for a co-owner or guardian home for the pick female in Cocoa's next litter which will be bred sometime in 2024. Cocoa's structure is excellent and we look forward to what her progeny will do in the conformation ring in the future. Cocoa has a boss-girl personality. She oozes with confidence and friendliness and curiosity - we expect she will produce some great active pets, therapy prospects, or performance prospects with wonderful structure for the conformation ring. Please email to start a conversation if you might be interested!


Memrie is a 30 lb Poodle - a wonderful little size. She has a very happy, bubbly personality and loves meeting new people. We are interested in placing the pick of her litter(s) into local guardian or show homes with co-owner or other approved breeding programs. She may produce litters of black, blue, red or apricot or shades of blue, silver and cream, depending on the stud we choose. We expect all her puppies to mature less than 40 lbs.


We are excited to be planning a litter of apricots, maybe with some potential for red or black depending on our stud choice.  Marnie will be bred for her first litter sometime in 2024. Marnie is full of puppy antics but also always ready for cuddles! I expect her to be able to produce performance prospects with a great off switch. These puppies will have natural tails; Marnie has a tail that is naturally short and straight and we are aiming to keep that quality. Marnie may produce puppies around 40 lbs or smaller depending on our stud choice.