Puppies born!
6 puppies born on 8/27/2023
4 black, 1 brown, 1 white & black
Maturity size is expected to fall between Average and Small. Moxie is 30 lbs and Remmy is an average size.
We expect puppies to mature to be excellent calm family pets or excellent performance prospects with medium drive and medium energy with a great off switch. They will be APET Temperament tested at 8 weeks old.

KiKi , formerly Dandelion, is our Keeper!
Dandelion was the litter name of her grandfather Sunny so it feels "meant to be"!

The Wishing Litter

Category 10 Breeding

3 Week Old Update!

In Week 1, the puppies started their Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and their Early Scent Introduction (ESI). We also introduced them to different textures.
In Week 2 the Wishing Girls started opening their eyes. We kept the whelping room dim to protect their eyes. We began placing different objects each day in their whelping box for them to see and to explore. 
In Week 3, the Wishing Girls ears were opening so we kept things quiet for them. Next we began playing desensitization sounds for them at a very low volume and gradually increased the volume.

4 Week Old Update

Now that they are 4 weeks old, the Wishing Girls' world is really opening up! They have moved to the weaning pen in our dining room and have begun their trips outdoors! They also got their first baths and grooms! This week they get to explore even more new items in new locations around our home. Their little personalities are really blooming.

FAIRY - 2.6 lbs

LADYBUG  - 3.6 lbs

DANDELION - 2.9 lbs

GENIE - 3.7 lbs

STAR - 3.0 lbs

PENNY - 2.8 lbs